Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Should Be a Bank Robber

Just finished doing some laundry, lasagna in the oven, and the house nice and was turning into a successful afternoon. I decided to get one more thing off my to-do list and so I headed to the little store about 3 houses down to replace my water jug.
So, I grab the empty jug that was sitting by my door and headed to the store. I got out my front gate, pulled it shut, and took about 5 steps down the sidewalk when I realized that I didn't bring my keys with me. OOPS!
Knowing there was nothing I could do at the moment, I bought my water and headed back to my house. In broad daylight with cars driving by, I jumped the gate. Then walked around and picked up my water jug that I left on the sidewalk so I could make it over. That was the easy part. The hard part is getting in my door!
So, I am now standing at my door with about 13 pesos in change, a water jug, and a gum wrapper. I always liked puzzles.
I went down to the trash cans and grabbed some papers out thinking maybe I could fold them up and use them like the good old credit card trick for opening doors. They were too floppy... didn't work. Meanwhile the lasagna in the oven is about 10 minutes from being done.
I then pulled some coins out of my pocket. They aren't as flimsy as the paper, so maybe they will work. After getting 11 pesos stuck in my door, I decided that wouldn't work either.
5 minutes until lasagna is done. I then had an idea. I opened up the water jug. The top has one of those plastic things that comes off, like on a milk container. I thought, maybe I could bend that and use it. I got it partly there, but right at the last second it would bend. Still too flimsy.
Time is counting down. After a failed search for some twigs, I shoved some paper into the bend water jug plastic and shoved it in.
I did it! 20 minutes later, just in time as the buzzer sound and the lasagna was done.

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