Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Um, Do I Know You???

"Hey Traci, It's Marco."

I searched my mind trying to figure out who this guy was calling me on a Sunday morning. I drew a blank. "Marco.... Marco... Marco... nope, don't know a Marco," I thought.
He continued, "I have my application, can I leave it with the receptionist?"

"OH! Marco!" I shouted in my head.

All the pieces started coming together. Marco had attended the informational meeting about Campus Target back in November. There were a few who had attended that meeting that I saw serious interest in, but Marco was not one of them. But, in the last few months he had made the decision to give a year to go to the nations, and now he was acting on that and handing in his application. I am so excited about the partnership that is being birthed with Campus Target and the idea of sending Mexicans to work with this incredible ministry that has been so fruitful!

The rest have until January 10th to hand in their applications. Please stand with me in prayer for the rest of those who attended the meeting while they are in decision mode.

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