Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BOMB on the plane!

"I saw him run to the front of the plane!" said the camouflaged dressed military man that was seated across the isle from me to the flight attendant in a slightly panicked state. I was fast asleep on my overnight flight from LA when I woke up to the cabin lights abruptly coming on and to a ruckus by my side with a group of flight attendants interviewing this man that saw someone run to the front of the plane. I woke up with the thought, "Oh my Lord, they are rushing the cockpit. There are terrorists on my flight!"

I had always wondered how I would respond to a situation like this, so immediately in my half awake state, I started going through my options. I then heard one of the flight attendants ask, "So the rat ran to the front of the plane?" I then realized, it wasn´t a someone, but a something! Although, the thought of a rat lose on the plane instead of a terrorist wasn´t much of a comfort.
Soon, as I was eavesdropping on more of the interrogation, I realized it wasn´t a rat, but a cat! Someone had brought there pet cat on the plane and it had escaped out of it´s leash and was lose on the plane. Flashlights were out and the hunt was on. Soon people in the rows in front of me began exclaiming, "I see it!"... "Oh, it just touched me."

Then, like a bolt of lightning the cat flashed down the isle and headed to the little food station in the back of the plane. It´s owner was then able to retrieve it and I went back to sleep.

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