Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What to do with a battle ax, frisbee, and lasagna?

It all started in 2006 when I went to Elim Bible Institute. There I met some fabulous people and was reunited with some old friends. I spent the year with many amazing men and women of God, some of who include, Israel Vergara, Aaron Hall, Denisse Gomez de Lamastra, Duke Lamastra, and Joel Catalan. Yesterday, I was able to spend the day with them all over again.
Israel, Joel, and Denisse are from Morelia. I had med them when I was here for the first time in the summer of 2005. Denisse and her husband, Duke, who she met at Elim are now serving down here as the first full time intercessors in the house of prayer here. Joel´s father pastors one of the church plants (of the church I work with in the city) and Joel works there with his dad as well as teaching English at the elementary school here at the church I´m working with. Israel also works at the church here as the JR High leader as well as overseeing registrations and the database. Israel´s best friend, Aaron, who just finished his EBI internship in the Philipeans decided to make a 3 month pitstop in Morelia on his way home. And me, well, you know my story. All of us, 3 Americansa and 3 Mexicans, together again thousands of miles and a country away from where we first met 3 years ago.
The day started out, after sleeping in, with some delicious lasagna at Duke and Denisse´s house. We enjoyed conversation over lunch and then sat around telling jokes to each other for over an hour. Many laughs later, Joel had to leave.The rest of us headed to a WalMart type store in search of a frisbee. We found a hot pink one with about a 3 inch radius. We figured that plus a giant purple ball, a wiffleball and bat, a plastic battle ax, and 3 plastic swords would do the trick.
After getting some delicious ice cream we drove to the park. There we threw a football around, tossed a little frisbee, and played kickball (which my team won). And I wouldn´t do the story justice if I failed to mention that the boys all had their swords stuck in their belts.
Back at Duke and Denisse´s house we watched the Guardian to top the night off. It was almost perfect. The only thing left was for Israel, Aaron and I to walk through the city to our respective homes with swords in our belts carrying a giant ball, plastic battle ax, and wiffle bat.
Now that, my friends, was a perfect day :)

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