Thursday, October 1, 2009

I met the President of Mexico!!!

Ok, well the title is a little deceiving... I didn´t exactly meet him parse, but I did see him from about 10 yards away!
Yesterday, I went to the parade downtown with my friends Israel and Aaron. We found a really good spot with a great view of the parade. The various military branches were represented, along with several public schools. I couldn´t help but remember my many parades marching along blowing in my alto sax as a part of the Lima Christian School Marching Saints. (I must admit, our band was much better than these schools).Since the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, is from Morelia, the city that I live in, he came to watch the parade here! While I didn´t get to shake his hand or take a picture with him, I did get one of him driving by! He passed by as I was standing on the curb of the road. (He is in the passenger´s seat in the picture below... if you zoom in, you can kinda see him). It made my day. That is closer than I have been to any of the US Presidents! ... although I´m still waiting for the fullfillment of the prophetic word spoken over me that I will sit at tables of leadership and have influence in other nations :) ... Maybe at next year´s parade.
After the parade we connected with Duke and Denisse and all went hiking. It was such a blast! It reminded me of a day out with my small group in the States. After getting very muddy and wet and having a great time together, we topped the afternoon off with some Burger King.Duke and Denisse then went home and Aaron, Israel and I headed back downtown for a concert of the orcestra of Michoacán (the State I live in) and a famous opera singer. It was pretty sweet. Another great day :)

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