Monday, September 21, 2009

Delirious in Mexico City

Yesterday was a good day. Can´t think of a much better way to describe it.
We started out going to the early morning service at church and hearing a sermon in the series Enemies of Prosperity. Good stuff, as always. Then the 22 of us gathered in the parking lot and loaded into a 11 passenger van and 5 seater car... yea, you do the math.
We headed out and after 2 brief stops for gas, food, and bathrooms, we arrived in Mexico City. After driving around for a good while in the wonderful DF traffic, we finally parked in a way to expensive parking lot and walked to Burger King for lunch. Yes, my first time in Mexico City and I ate at Burger King.
After lunch we moved the cars to the auditorium parking garage and decided to kill some time at Starbucks. Some of then wandered into a super sweet hotel, The W. They had an absolutely incredible lobby and so we took some pictures until being asked to leave :)
Then... CONCERT TIME! We gathered in front of the national auditorium, passed out tickets and then got in line for the gates. At the gates they patted us down and checked our purses and bags. They were stricter than an airport. They even confiscated my camera! Apparently they thought I was going to "shoot" Delirious. (ba dum chhh). So I had to check it in and go back for it after the concert. Now this was a little annoying. I don´t quite understand why you can´t just tell me not to take pictures, because the reality is, I am going to take pictures with my cell phone anyways... especially now just to spite you! Sorry, this annoyed me a little if you couldn't tell.
But the concert started and all was well. In row N seat 50, right in the center, there they were in all their glory, Delirious.
I never realized all the songs that Delirious wrote. I quite enjoyed the concert as it was in English and they sang a lot of songs that reminded me of my jr high and high school years (Deeper, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Jesus´Blood, Dance in the River, Majesty, History Maker, My Glorious). After two hours of singing and dancing (especially with Sarai), it was over. We regrouped outside and after a quick interview on camera we headed home.
Not sure why it took us so long to get home, but it did. We stopped about half way at a fair, complete with fariswheel and all to eat dinner. The tacos there were super expensive (well only $1, but that is expensive for here), so we settled for buying snacks at a local store instead. A Gatorade and Doritos later we were back in the van and on the road. We then went through a toll where the Federal Police were doing a search. So, we pulled over. I´m not really sure what all was going on, but they asked for identification from everyone in the van. Luckily I had my passport and visa on me and so I passed it forward. The police officer looked it all over and passed them back and within a few minutes we were back on the road.
We finally made it home to Morelia at 2:30am. The weird part is, is that is exactly how I felt, like I was arriving home. I was sitting in the van and was taken back by my thoughts of "I can´t wait to get home." Morelia truly has become home to me. While in Mexico City, I couldn't help but miss Morelia and the streets that have become so familiar to me. It really is the grace of God, but I really do feel at home here.

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