Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fuzzy Flea, Farts and Fun

For the last week I have been house-sitting for a wonderful family here in Morelia. It has been more than just crashing at their place, as I am also taking care of three of their kids. Well, I am only actually really watching the youngest, a 7 year old, but there are two older kids there too.
We have had a lot of fun together doing the little things: watching Mexico swamp Costa Rica 3-0, helping each other with homework, watching movies, taking funny pictures with my webcam, suffering through some not so delicious food as I try to learn to cook Mexican style, searching for the missing pants, telling bedtime stories in Spanish about Fuzzy the flea, pillow fights, and well, just the fun that comes with boys being boys. ha.It has been interesting to see how over the last week we have become even more comfortable with each other and really are like family. It has been cool to see these young men of God behave so well without their parents around. They truly do love each other. It has a been a blessing to watch them interact with each other and care for each other. It has been neat to as the all have mentioned multiple times how they miss their 2 year old sister a bunch! It is just really neat to look in from the outside and see siblings love each other so much.
I want to raise kids like them who love the Lord and their family. They are a great example of children who have been "raised up in the way should they go."

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