Friday, September 4, 2009

A gentleman with an umbrella

So yesterday for my dad´s last day here I took him to the best restaurant in all the world to eat the best meal ever created... Tortas de El Mago. It was absolutely POURING rain. It reminded me of the day I lost my flip flop in the water flowing through the street (see "drip drop flip flop"). So, we ate our tortas and drank our strawberry drinks and waited for the rain to slow down. The rain finally started to dull down to a hard rain as opposed to the torrential downpour that had been occurring for the 2 hours previous. So I decided to make a run for the car which was about 2 blocks away parked at the church. I got up to leave when one of the waiters at the restaurant got up and opened his umbrella. You see, at this restaurant, when it is raining they walk you to and from your car with the umbrella. Although, normally the car is in their parking lot. I told him my car was parked all the way at the church but he kept walking. I introduced myself to Arturo and we created some small talk while walking. We made it about half way there when we realized that the part of the road we needed to walk on was covered with a river flowing 6 inches deep. So we decided to backtrack, cross the street, go around it, and the cross back over. So we did. Although when it was time to cross back over, there was another 3 inch deep river we needed to go through. So I took off my flip flops (as not to have another incident) and rolled up my pants and pranced through the water to the other side. Poor Arturo had nice shoes on and got his pants soaked. But what a gentleman he was. At this point it had about stopped raining. So, we made it to the car and I drove him back to the restaurant where I picked up my dad.
Good times.

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