Tuesday, August 25, 2009

soup, service, and sanidad!

It was Friday at about 5:38pm and I was out to eat with some good friends of mine. Here in Mexico there is a family who has really taken me in and helped me feel at home here. The father is the church administrator, the mother oversees the children´s ministry, the two older sons are good friends of mine, and the younger son and daughter are just absolutely adorable! As we all walked into the restaurant I noticed that Enrique, the father, was limping. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that he had hurt his ankle about 4 months back and it had been bothering him ever since. So, I asked if we could pray for him. His oldest son, Kike, and I prayed for him. It got a little better, but was still bothering him. Leaving it in the Lord´s hands, we finished our meal and then headed to the Friday night church service. About two songs into worship Enrique turned back to me and Kike, pointed at his ankle, and motioned that it was gone--not his ankle, but the pain! The pain was all gone! Nothing like a healing to add the cherry to all the reasons I was already worshiping my God. :)
This is just one example of the cool things the Lord is doing here. Whether it is healings, salvations, or just speaking to me personally, He is always up to something. I serve a good God!

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