Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer comes to an end

Summer vacation is coming to an end. Some of my friends have already gone back to school, and for the rest, this is their last week of vacation. It is going to be sad having them back in school with homework and less time to hang out, but this last week has been a blast as we have been making the most of every minute.
On Monday I went with one of my friend´s dad and Gabe (a friend of mine from NY who is doing an internship here) to Uruapan, a city a little over 2 hours from Morelia. It was an absolutely incredible day. We rode horses down to the volcanic ruins of what used to be San Juan. The weather was absolutely perfect and the view was incredible. And, well, riding horses is just a whole lot of fun. Gabe and I raced on the way back and got up to a decent trot... I regret to inform you that Gabe won by an inch.After going to the volcano we went to a national park. It looked like a rain forest it was so green. The waterfalls were absolutely breath-taking. It was just a whole ton of fun.
One of my good friends here, Charlie, spends a lot of time at the church because his parents work here. Having him around the office is tons of fun. Not a day goes by when we don´t come up with some hilarious joke. Tuesday we decided that we are going to begin memorizing a chapter of the Bible each month. This month is Isaiah 56. I am learning it in Spanish and he is learning it in English. So far we have the first 4 verses. I´m going to miss having him around the office all the time when he goes back to school.
On Wednesday, the USA played Mexico in soccer. It is quite the rivalry here. I bet one of my friends, and since USA lost, I have to let him cut my hair... pictures to come I´m sure.
This week has just been a good fun time connecting with friends and seeing the sights. I also took Gabe with some of my friends, Kike, Israel, and Charlie, to probably my favorite place in the whole world - La Bandera (the flag). It is a flagpole up on a mountain that overlooks all of Morelia. It is absolutely breathtaking.So, that has been my week... No flip flops lost, no hot water heaters exploding, but a blast nonetheless.

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