Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Patzcuaro and beyond...

On Saturday I spent the day with the musicians that were here from IHOP for the conference. We were scheduled to meet at the hotel at 11am. People trickled in until 11:20ish. Still not everyone was there, so some of us decided to make a quick Starbucks run. Good decision. After returning and getting everyone together we piled into the van (I was sitting on a box in between the front seats) and finally left closer to 12:30. After a stop at the store to buy water and a few potty breaks for the team that hasn´t quite adjusted to the Mexican food, we finally arrived in Patzcuaro (a town that should be about 35-40 minutes away) at about 1:45. After exchanging money and making a necessary stop for incredible ice cream we hit the streets shopping.
After shopping, it was time to head home. We were about 10 minutes outside the city when Charlie (the guy sitting next to me up front) and me started to smell something weird. After ignoring it, we decided that the driver, Pancho, should pull over. As soon as the car got to the side of the road we could see the smoke brewing from the engine. After letting the van cool for awhile we realized that we needed antifreeze... Not having any, we poured bottle after bottle of water into the radiator. It was quite convenient that we bought tons of extra water earlier that day. Finally, a little over an hour later, we think we´re ready to go. Pancho puts the key in the ignition and .... NADA. Not sure what the problem was. Some guys from a mechanic shop down the street came over. They tried to jump it and that didn´t work. Time to call for taxis... The mechanics came back and did some other stuff and waaalaaaa... finally it started. So we drove in a very steamy and loud van back to the church. No harm done... at least not to any people. Not sure the status of the van.
Only 2 hours late, we made it to downtown to eat at a nice restaurant. All in all, a successful day!

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