Sunday, July 12, 2009


The youth conference was great. The last night hundreds of young people went forward to set themselves apart as those that will seek after the Lord in prayer and fasting. There isn´t any thing quite like seeing that.
If you know me at all, you know I love events. The craziness that comes with putting an event together just fuels me. This conference was no different. I was working with the speakers and band to make them feel at home. We had a group come from IHOP (International House of Prayer in Kansas City) come, so it was nice to be able to speak English.
My Spanish is coming along well though. I am still a little frustrated with my inability to speak, but I feel like I have had a real breakthrough in my understanding. During the conference I was translating a sermon for my friend that is here from the States and I was able to translate almost all of it effortlessly. The bilingual pastor´s wife was sitting in front of me, and she even told me that I did a great job translating. That was a huge encouragement!
This week has just been very refreshing for me. It marked my first month here! The conference itself was awesome. There is nothing like joining with another 3000 young people to worship the Lord. Having my college roomate here has also been great. While having an apartment to myself is nice, it is so great having someone to talk to that knows me. And I am encouraged with the development of my Spanish.
This week was also just a lot of fun. I drove in Mexico for the first time!!! That was a lot of fun. Hanging out with the people from IHOP was a blast and very encouraging. I am just really enjoying myself. I have such a peace that this is where I´m supposed to be... there is nothing like that feeling.

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