Friday, June 19, 2009

English.... I guess I take it for granted.

Yesterday I went with a friend to his University English class. It was quite interesting.
Of course, he picked me up 15 minutes late-standard Mexican culture. What I found interesting though, is that we showed up to class almost 20 minutes late. No harm done. We entered, he told his prof he had a guest, and that was it. We sat down.
To my surprise the teacher wasn't a native English speaker... she was Mexican! These poor students are paying bookoo dollars to learn English from someone with a pretty heavy accent. The entire class was in Enligsh. I couldn't help but laugh as students asked questions and the prof answered a completely different question. Not sure if she didn't understand their English or if she was choosing to deflect. But by far the best part of the class was when we listened to John Lennon's "Imagine" and had to write the words in English. (Although I must admit I like David Archuleta's version better).
It was quite the experience.

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