Friday, June 19, 2009

culture clashes

I know I already blogged for today, but I figured I'd make your day extra special. Here are some things that I have noticed/learned/realized in my week and a half here in Mexico.
1. Any and all plans are subject to change - you could start the day planning to go to small group and then a birthday party. What will end up happening is your friend picks you up an hour late so you start group late and skip the party.
2. Time is a nonfactor - people joke about Mexicans being late for everything... this is no joke. Yesterday I was supposed to get picked up at 10:30am... it was 10:45am. Then again at 7:25pm... it was 8:40pm. For those of you who know my punctual self, this is torture. Even if I assume they will be 15 minutes late, they are still late :)
3. Mi casa es tu casa - too many times already I have woken up to a friend ringing my doorbell... just dropping by to say hi. Rolling out of bed all nasty, what is there to do, but invite them in and offer them one of Mrs. Hinton's cookies? Correct answer... nothing.

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