Monday, June 15, 2009

Drawing on faces...

So this is what my Saturday was like... it progressively got better and funnier.
A friend dropped by my place and we played cards for a bit.
I went to see Alex Campos in concert at the church (turns out he is a big deal). The concert was actually pretty lame. He only sang 3 songs in over 2 hours. He shared his testimony which I assume was good... had I understood more than 40% of it, I´d know...
So after the concert I went with some friends to the movies. After debating on which movie to see or if we should just go to dinner for like 30 minutes (welcome to Mexico... it takes forever to decide anything) half of us went to see UP in 3D in Spanish and the rest went to dinner. The movie was great. I was quite pleased, because I thought it looked dumb from the previews. It was funny and, since it is a kids movie, I understood it in Spanish! It was a MUCH better experience than going to see Batman last summer (it was late and I didn´t understand like anything).
After the movie we went to Kiki´s. It´s a taco stand... one of my favorites. This was great because it was my first Mexican food since I got here. We enjoyed some tacos and while loading in the car one of the girls I was with fell and twisted her ankle. It was hurting her so bad that she couldn´t even drive. So we sat there for a few minutes. I hung back and just watched as everyone was examining it and doing their best to help her make it feel better. I was getting annoyed with the strictly practical way we were looking at the situation, so I looked at one of my friends and said "go pray for it". He did and it started to feel better. So then I told one of my other friends to pray for it and he did and it felt even better. And then another friend prayed for it and it felt even better! Come on Jesus. So, after the roadside healing, we hopped in the car and headed to my house.
This is where the fun really began. We ate some cookies (Thanks Mrs. Hinton-my friends LOVED them) and Doritos and played Go Fish. Some how as time went on Go Fish turned into some sort of not-go-fish type game where we started drawing on each others faces with markers. Why? you ask.... I couldn´t tell you. It was a strange night. And so it went until the wee hours of the morning.

Only in Mexico...

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