Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It is all coming together. A few weeks ago I found myself talking to a friend about apartments in Morelia. I was pricing them out and working it into my budget. I don´t know what I was previously thinking, but it somehow hit me... I am going to need furniture for said apartment. So I asked my friend how much a bed and such would cost in Mexico. To my dismay, furnishing my apartment would be way out of my budget. ... Now what?
The next day I decided to email another friend of mine to ask him to look for an apartment for me so I could have it ready by when I arrive in June. I threw in if he knew anyone that was getting rid of furniture or saw any good deals to let me know. Only a few hours later I received the following:
"I`ve been renting an apartment, and will be moving out June 1st, so, instead of closing the lease, I can pass it to you, is a cheap, very good located place, like 15 minutes walking from the church, lots of public transportation around, parking space, doorman and all that. About furniture, don`t worry, I can leave the bed, a table, and all of the basics for you. It`s a two bedroom, one bathroom, full kitchen, and wooden living and dining room."
Can you believe it!? What an answer to prayer! Not only is this apartment in a GREAT location (and very safe for those of you who are wondering), but it is 2 bedroom (so you are all welcome to visit), and it is below what I had originally budgeted with the exchange rate right now! And what perfect timing that my friend is moving out right when I need to move in! God is SO good!
I talked to my friend today and told him I for sure want the apartment, and I´m in the process of completing the necessary paperwork. Please pray that all this goes smoothly so it is ready for me when I arrive in June.
Also, I´d like to ask for prayer for the next 15 days leading up to my departure specifically. I am an events coordinator and the biggest event that I oversee is next Tuesday-Thursday. It is going to be a big event as we have a full registration of over 1000 already! This will be followed up by anther small retreat that I oversee. That will end on Saturday. Then early Sunday morning I am flying out of town for the day to teach a drama. Each of these things will be very draining by themselves, but together will make for a very long week. Please pray for strength, energy, restful sleep, and wisdom. Also, please pray for the week after that as it will be my last week home. After an exhausting week, I will be packing and saying goodbyes.
Only 15 more days... I´m believing for them to be incredible!!!

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