Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I feel like a marionette puppet...

God is so faithful. Sometimes I forget, but it is always so true.
Over the past few weeks I have had my bouts of discouragements. I received a phone call a little over a week ago from one of the teams that was coming down this summer. They decided to cancel. The thought immediately ran through my mind, "God, what´s this all about? You called me to Mexico for this summer....didn't you?" My excitement about my role this summer continued until the second of the four teams who planned to come this summer canceled yesterday. Again I thought, "God, did I hear you right?"
Not knowing why things are changing, I am still convinced more than ever that I am supposed to be in Morelia this summer. Through the little things the Lord continues to confirm the call. A week ago I opened a letter I received in the mail. Enclosed was a check for my trip to Mexico from a couple I have never met and who does not know my family. This is one of many support checks I have received in the last few week from someone I do not know. If that isn't God, I don't know how it could get any clearer. I was also worrying about where I am going to live and how I would pay to furnish my apartment and all the details that go into that. I contacted a friend in Mexico to ask him to check prices for me, and he is moving out of his apartment just a week before I arrive and he said he would leave his furniture for me! What an answer to prayer!
God is in this! I don't know what He is working that I don't understand, but I know enough to know that it is always better His way. I look back over the last year and how He has been intricately pulling the strings to everything to have it all come out according to His plan. It looks like I´m going to be working with the youth group more than originally intended. I know this is the Lord as I have been learning so much as the interim youth director at my church over the past few months. Perhaps my first summer won't look exactly as planned, but it will no doubt be fruitful. He is already giving me vision on how to capitalize on my teamless weeks to enhance the program for future years. It's going to be good!

Please continue to pray for:
1. Financial Support - It continues to come in, but I am still below budget. I am especially needing people to stand with me monthly.
2. Peace - As my responsibilities in the States pick up, I am going to have a lot on my plate. I need His presence to be with me and His favor on all that I am doing.
3. Vision - Greater vision for what the Lord is going to do this summer. Supernatural insight and wisdom on how to make my time there most effective.


  1. i just found your blog and decided that you should start blogging more... esp when you get down there :)

  2. I will. All my email updates will get on here, but I´ll also be sure to add some other stories that don´t make it into the emails :)