Tuesday, March 24, 2009

76 days and counting...

It's only 76 days until I leave for Mexico and I couldn't be more excited. Plans for the summer are already coming along really well. In my first three months in Morelia we have 4 teams, a major youth conference with over 2000 youth, and our first intern. Starting June 30 our first team arrives. From there I will be going almost nonstop (with 2 days off) until August 14th. With teams from NJ, MO, and two from NY (one of those being my home church), it is sure to be a great summer. Some more exciting news, my roommate from my year at Elim Bible Institute will be coming to intern for the month of July. I am sooooooo excited! God has totally been weaving this summer together. Already I'm planning things from here, and with each email my excitement and anticipation builds. God is going to do amazing things this summer!

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