Monday, August 9, 2010

...nothing $100 pesos can't do...

At 8:17am I arrived at my friend's house where we had decided to meet the night before so I could accompany him to get his license. I arrive to greet his aunt who was not expecting me and to find out he was still in bed. After he dragged himself downstairs and let his aunt know what was going on, they started the search for the documents needed. After realizing they didn't have an original birth certificate to turn in to the "dmv", I started to walk home to head back to bed. About 12 blocks away my leg starts to vibrate. I answer and my friend tells me to return. We're going to give it a go regardless of our lack of documents.
The trip starts out at the Red Cross for a $4 medical exam. After waiting in line for about an hour, we get what we need and head out. After a pit stop for breakfast we go to his aunt's office to pick up some papers. There we head to the road test place. As we drive in and start looking for a parking spot, a man asks us if we would like our car washed. The guy driving us parks where directed and leans towards the car-washer and says, "we're here to get a license." A few glances, we hand him my friend's ID, and he walks away. About 4 minutes later he walks back with a signed paper saying the road test was passed.
...nothing $100 pesos can't do...
Then from there we head to a State building on the other side of town where they didn't even ask for a birth certificate. They took a picture and WAHLAH in a matter of minutes the shiny new hall-o-gram filled license was in our hands.

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