Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scythe in Hand

"What's your name?"
"Where are you from?"
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"What do you do to celebrate Christmas?"

These are all questions that I was bombarded with as I stood at the English Corner in China in December 2007. Not knowing it at the time, I am now realizing that standing in the courtyard of that Asian university speaking English with practicing students would be a momentous moment in my life.

(Me with some friends in Asia in 2007)

Maybe being a "missionary" is making me think differently--I am on the mission field so I should be doing more "missions" outside the 4 walls of the church. I have never been much of an evangelist, but those who do not yet know the Lord are now becoming my priority. I can't explain it, but leading people to the Lord and watching them grow in Him is now a thought that is constantly flowing in my mind. This is developing burden in me is taking shape in 2 very exciting ways.
The first is, I get to be a part of lives transformed all over the world! Last Friday, we did the first of four promos for Campus Target ( in an attempt to get young people from Mexico to spend 10 months witnessing to and discipling the university students in Asia. I am super excited about the part I get to play in mobilizing young Mexicans to the nations. This time next year, some of my friends here in Mexico could be standing at that same English Corner sharing with Asian college students who are hungry for the truth just exactly what Christmas means to them and why they celebrate Christ.
The second way this is taking place is not just by me sending others to the harvest field, but by me picking up a scythe and getting to business. I am going to begin taking a Spanish class here. While I'm excited for my Spanish skills to improve, I am even more excited to connect with some other college-aged young people who are here in Morelia (and a plus is that they will probably be other Americans that I can share the Gospel with in my own language). Also, in January I am going to begin attending an English Corner here in Morelia! At one of my friend's universities there is an English Corner type thing (called SAC) where Mexican university students get together practice their English. I have seen how effective this ministry works in Asia--you meet a friend at the English Corner, you get their number, you call and ask them out to eat, you meet them for lunch, you lead them to the Lord, and then you disciple them. I am praying that the Lord gives me the same favor that I saw in Asia with the Mexican students that I will be connecting with at SAC as well as the other Americans I will meet at my class.

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