Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The last few weeks in four paragraphs or less...

So, the month of October is the 25th anniversary of Vida Abundante (the church I´m working with), and there have been tons of cool events to celebrate. There have been many slide shows and videos, a banquet with all the founders, a concert in downtown, special guest speakers, cake for all, and a live cd/dvd recording in which my guitar and sweater were both featured.
(that is my brown sweater on the violin player)
(That´s my guitar being played by an extremely anointed man of God and worship leader)

One of my reasons for getting an apartment by myself instead of living with a family was because I wanted to be able to have friends over whenever. I´m not sure why, but I had a strong desire to have my apartment be a safe place for people to come hang out in... almost the get together place for the young people here. And well, over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to do just that. I have had 2 lasagna nights (photo below), 2 hot chocolate nights, and a spaghetti lunch with some friends. It has been great just hanging out with friends and being able to use the awesome apartment that the Lord has blessed me with for some awesome fellowship.
I wish I could recount to you all the amazing memories I have made over the last few weeks. It seems like the last little while has been a time of joy. I have just had so much fun and laughed so much! It has been such a blessing!

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