Friday, June 26, 2009

drip drop flip flop

Yesterday, my friend invited me to his small group. Knowing the general area of where the group meets, but not exactly how to get there, I headed out knowing I could figure it out. With grey skies over head, I went in the direction I though the house was in. It was thundering and grey clouds were moving in, but I was hoping and praying I could make it to my friend´s house without getting wet. About 10 minutes into the walk it started pouring rain. Now, this wasn´t just like NY rain, this was a all out terrenchal downpour with thunder and lightning. Managing to stay sort of dry for a little, it started to rain harder. I was then absolutely soaked. I was still about 10 minutes away from my friend´s house. So, I kept heading for where he lived since I was already more than half way there. Finally in the distance through the curtain of rain I saw it--it was a glorious vision of where I would soon sit dry and warm. I ran to the entrance to his apartment building only to find the outside door was locked. Standing stuck in the pouring rain I decided to eat the roaming charges and called my friend to see if he could come open the door for me. No answer. Then I remember that the friend who´s house it was at told me earlier that he was working until 10pm. So... maybe the group was even canceled? I don´t know. Not being able to get in and not being able to get a hold of anyone, I started on the 20 plus minute walk back to my house... in the still pouring rain. By this time the roads are flooded with some having river like currents flowing through them. I trudge on. Walking through more than ankle deep water, I lose one of my flip flops. It is quickly swept away in the current. I splish, splash, and chase it and am able to get it back. Without a dry spot on my body, there is no sense waiting for the rain to stop now, so I keep going. About 10 minutes from my house, I lose a flop flop again. This time I was not as lucky. Now, the rest of the walk I make with one shoe on the muddy Mexican sidewalks. About at this point I started enjoying myself. The whole thing was just so humorous to me. Soaking wet and with only one shoe, I arrived at my apartment an hour after I began. I dried off and snuggled in bed with lot of blankets, some Doritos, and a moive. It was a good night :)
...Just thought you´d enjoy hearing about my little adventure.

...For those of you who worry, I´m not sick and am still completely safe :)

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  1. oh my goodness. you musta been a sight walkin down the street...